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Monday, May 26, 2008

CONduit and Excuses

So, I have not blogged in forever.  Again.

This last weekend was CONduit, the local sci fi and fantasy convention.  I always have a whale of a time, because I get to run around with people like James Dashner and Julie Wright and L.E. Modesitt Jr., cracking jokes and talking about books.  And movies.  And hey, is that guy over there wearing a bathrobe because he's Arthur from Hitchhiker's Guide, or because he's just too lazy to get dressed?

But it also took a lot out of me, I think I was up until 1 am one of those nights, and on my way home, there were flashing red and blue lights behind me!  ME?!  NO!  Turns out a headlight was out, but for a minute there I was filled with righteous indignation.  I had just passed a speed limit sign, and checked my speedometer.  But there ain't nothin' I can do about a headlight that's gone bust.  Well, except fix it, apparently, then take it to the city building and get someone to sign a paper saying that I was no longer driving a one-eyed car.

This last week, between CONduit and a gig at the West Jordan B&N, I've probably spent more time with Dashner than my own husband.  This has resulted in a lot of teasing, and occasional elbow-jabbing, and such behavior.  After one of the panels at CONduit, someone came up and asked if we were married, or just siblings.  (We are neither.)  Later I heard from someone else that she thought it must be hard for two people who hate each other to have to sit together on a panel!  I laughed for about twenty minutes.

And now I'm back home, doing laundry, and also (GULP) trying to potty train Boy.  He has a wide array of underpants featuring his favorite cartoons.  He has a little special seat and stool for the bathroom.  He has had only one accident all day, early this morning.

I feel like I've been run over by a train!!!!!

I will pay hard cash to anyone who wants to come to my house, take this kid to the bathroom every half hour, and sit with him while he decides whether or not he really needs to go!


Anonymous said...

If I weren't busy most of the day, I totally would come and help you. For books, not cash.

And then skip over to your neighbor's bright red house.

Anonymous said...

Potty training is my least favorite part of being a parent (so far). Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

There is a reason I don't have kids...potty training! Just kidding...bring him over!

Anonymous said...

Everyone must think James is a polygamist since he gets accused of having so many wives. At LTUE, the person who moderated the panel we were on with Jeff Savage, Mette Harrison, and James Dashner said she didn't realize moderating a panel with all of us would be so hard. I think this was her polite way of saying that being with us was like babysitting without getting paid. Sorry about the potty training with Boy. I do not envy you that and feel a whole ton of gratitude that I won't be going through that again. Thanks for the reminder on why I'm glad to be done having babies! BTW, you totally owe me a list of cool books to read! I started Sisters Grimm this week and am reeally enjoying it. May men with midriff shirts find covering.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved seeing you at ConDuit! And everywhere else the past little while :) It was definitely fun sitting with you at the event in Provo. Some day I'll be the one signing books too...very soon :) ...I hope...

Speaking of books, I'm reading Dragonslippers and Absolutely Love it! I wrote you a little something about it on my blog...then I realized you probably don't read my blog :)

And yes, Savage and Dashner together...babysitting without being paid...I can Totally see that, Jules!!