Jessica Day George

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, it's time for the big reveal!

The third book about Creel and the dragons will be called:


Coming in April, 2009!

What's a dragon spear? you ask.  "TELL ME MORE!"


I am pure and dedicated to my art, and shall not sully this final book in the trilogy by giving away any secrets! So do me a favor: don't email me and ask me to tell "just you" the whole plot, or asking if you can read the manuscript because you are my biggest fan.  I get a lot of these requests, and I'm sorry but I just CAN'T!

I will tell you two things, though.  First of all, yes, this is the last book about Creel and Shardas and the rest of their cohorts.  After Dragon Spear, they get to rest.  I may write other books set in Feravel, but not about these particular characters.  Sorry, but them's the breaks.

And the second detail?  Fainting goats!  I love fainting goats, so I decided that they should make an appearance.  Don't know about the fainting goats?  Check them out:

Fainting goats, one of nature's wonders!

I don't have any cover art yet, but it's coming, and I'll post it as soon as I get it.  It's once again drawn by Brandon Dorman, who has done the paperback cover of DRAGON SLIPPERS and the cover of DRAGON FLIGHT.

Well, it's 9:30 in the morning and I'm still in my PJ's and trying to type with a baby clad in nothing but a diaper and a flannel blanket in my lap, so I think I'll leave you all to mull over this information while I get dressed.  But first a shout-out to the wonderful Guy Gavriel Kay, whose book YSABEL just won the World Fantasy Award.  It's a great, great book, and Guy deserves the award (and more)!

Three cheers for Guy and YSABEL!