Jessica Day George

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Win a Fabulous Prize!

Yes, that's right! You, even you, could win a fabulous prize here at! If you look at this lovely picture, you will see Shardas and Velika admiring two lovely pink t-shirts sporting the cover art for Princess of Glass, and nestled there just to the side of Shardas is a shiny Advanced Readers' Copy of Princess of Glass! I will be giving away five ARCs and those same t-shirts on February 28th! Two lucky Grand Prize Winners will get a shirt (hand ironed-on by my amazing sister Jenn!) and an ARC, and three other lucky winners will get an ARC!

But how do I win, you say? What do I, the reader on the street, do to get a shot at such fabulous swag?

Well, you have to do a little something for me! As of this very minute, Princess of the Midnight Ball has thirty-six reviews on I know, I know, "they" say that reviews and rankings are meaningless. But "they" are clearly not paranoid authors. These are the only numbers we have, people, and we cling to them in desperation! Now, my goal is to have Midnight Ball hit fifty reviews before Princess of Glass hits the shelves in May.

So this is where you all come in! Log on to and review Midnight Ball, then post a comment telling me that you've reviewed it, and make sure to include the user name you used for your review. If you've already reviewed it, you're still eligible, just let me know that you've already reviewed it, user name, etc. On February 28th, I will put all the user names in a hat, and draw out five lucky winners!


If you don't win, don't worry! I'll be doing more contests in the months to come!

And make sure you get a good look at Shardas' and Velika's stuffed animal forms. They'll be having more adventures soon!