Jessica Day George

Monday, April 9, 2007

The Blue Girl

Another recommend. I simply adore Charles de Lint. He's my hero. I am halfway through "The Blue Girl", a YA novel set in his wonderful pseudo-real city of Newford. Love it, love it. He has such a wonderful narrative voice. And speaking of narration, I'm a little bit jealous. The first novel I ever wrote, I wrote in varying first person point of view. Each chapter heading had the name of the character who was the POV person in that chapter. It was rejected oh-so-many times on the grounds that this was simply "not done". I even changed it to third person, at great personal anguish, in the hopes of pleasing a literary agent who later passed on the manuscript anyway. So my question: Can Charles get away with it in The Blue Girl because he is Charles de Lint? Or is this really off-putting to some people, and these were the people I kept sending the manuscript to?


Anonymous said...

I think if you are as well published as Charles de Lint you can write in any style, format, or perspective (almost) and get it published.

I find it frustrating that beginning writers have so many "rules" when many of the best books out there break the "rules."

My opinion is also that many agents are ultra picky. They get a lot of stuff and their goal is to sell it.They have a formula of sorts. I think it is detrimental in many ways; not only stifling creativity but also causing rejections of first time author's books that are really great. I'm sure that is what happened to you.

BTW I am adoring Dragon Slippers. You have really outdone my expectations, which were pretty high. Bravo! -can I write like that when I grow up? Please? Even if I'm older than you? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I finlly know when the book will be out,but I can't wait until 2008 and 2009 because I finished the book in a day,Eragon in 3 days ,and Eldest in 3 days too.I have no good adventure books to read and can't wait to get back to my old hoby.I'm already writing my own story(but still don't know what the tital will be) and making up how the new story will be.