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Sunday, March 10, 2013

WEDNESDAYS on a Sunday

News, news, news!  (Also, more news!)

I haven't blogged much lately, so there is lots to cover!  Strap yourselves in!

First of all, WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER will be out on May 7th!  Mark your calendars, kids!  And how much do you love this cover?  Because, personally, I love it a LOT!  I will be going on a book tour to celebrate the release, which is super exciting!  There are no firm dates/locations yet, but places being bandied about include: Chicago, Florida, Philadelphia, Houston, and Washington DC.  That's in addition to places around Utah, of course.  As soon as we get fixed dates and details, I will post them.  Please remember that if you are in a place where I will NOT be signing, you can always order a signed and personalized copy of any of my books through The King's English in Salt Lake City.  They are wonderful, and they will be happy to help you!

Second: Lots of people have been telling me how much they loved PRINCESS OF THE SILVER WOODS, and I thank them for their very kind words!  It's a great book, if I do say so myself!  So please remember to show it some love!  But then they want to know when the next princess book is coming out . . . and, um . . . there isn't one.  They all live happily ever after!  The end.  (Sorry!  But a twelve book series just isn't my style.)

Third: TUESDAYS IN THE CASTLE is nominated for a Beehive Book Award.  HOORAY!  So all you Utah peeps, head over to the library and vote for Celie and Castle Glower!

Fourth: This fall SUN AND MOON, ICE AND SNOW will be released with a brand new cover!  I have seen this cover, and behold, it is beautiful!  It's by the same artist who did the Princess covers, and I screamed and jumped up and down when I saw it.  As soon as it gets finalized with titles and pretty shiny things, I will be sure to post it.  It will only be available as a paperback, both beautiful AND affordable!

Fifth: In February of 2014, the DRAGON SLIPPERS trilogy will be released with new covers as well!  The new covers are by David Hohn, the fantastic talent behind the Castle Glower covers.  I've seen some of the sketches, and I actually burst into tears.  Tears.  Burst.  Into.  No shame.  The new DRAGON SLIPPERS cover, even as a pencil sketch, is . . . is . . . Okay, I love Peter Ferguson's original painting for the DS hardcover.  I bought it, it's hanging in my house, I love it.  He also does the Sisters Grimm books, and he's wonderful.  But seeing the sketch for the new cover reminded me of what it was like to be writing that book, eight years ago, and I wept.  I can't wait to show you these covers, guys.  Shardas lives!

Sixth: I am planning not one, but several giveaways in the next few months, so be warned.  The best, easiest way for me to do a giveaway is through Facebook.  Make sure that you have liked my author page, please!  I usually ask for likes or comments as entries into the contests.  If you don't have a FB account, get someone you love to check my page for you!

Seventh: If you want to see my crazypants to-read shelf (currently clocking in at 321 books) and my reading challenge over on Goodreads, make sure and friend me over there!  I love Goodreads, because I'm one of those nuts who loves lists anyway.  I am trying to read 160 books this year, and I've currently read 26!  I'm about to finish the awesomely twisty thriller MIND GAMES by Kiersten White, and next up will be TIMELESS by Gail Carriger!  Love me some good books!

And now, to eat some chocolate!  Farewell!


Unknown said...

I really like the cover, and I'm so excited to read the book!
I also can't wait for the new covers. I am looking forward to seeing them. :)

Aria said...

Coming to Houston... wanna make a side trip to Dallas? J/K. I'll have to keep a close eye on that Houston date and time, I might need to road trip. I have ALL of your books and when my husband's brother got married I sent a handful of them along with my new sister-in-law on the honeymoon. I recently did an exchange for a few more of your books.... none of us have kids.

P.S. a few weeks ago I saw a little girl standing next to her parents with arms PILED high with ALL of your books at the exit to the book store (the books had been paid for but she insisted on carrying them) I made a point to swerve towards them and tell her "great choice!" as I walked out with my purchase. Love seeing kids enjoying reading and you are a big part of that!

Mara A. said...

Ooohhh, I can't wait for WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER!!! It looks so awesome! :)

~Sherry (Bear) and Stephen (Wolf) said...

Do you have an updated list of readings and signings you are doing soon? I have to attend a reading and write a paper about it for school. Are you planning to come to the Provo area any time soon? I can't wait to read the new book!

Jocelyn said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the new covers! Maybe I'll by them to officially own all of Jessica's books! Yay!

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Happy book birthday, Jessica!!! Really looking forward to reading Wednesdays in the Tower! (Love the cover, by the way.) Hope you have a wonderful day! Congratulations! *throws confetti and hands out cupcakes*

Danielle said...

So excited for Wednesdays in the Tower! I just wrote a review about Tuesdays in the Castle on my new blog about clean literature, and earlier did one about Dragon Slippers. Thought you might enjoy it. :)

Lilly Allen said...

When will the next castle glower book come out? i'm soooooo excited!

Nancy B said...

Wednesdays at the tower has already come out now, I finally found it at a library, and finished it in two days, but is there a next book? It ends in a cliff hanger and I'm really curious. I just now looked on Google to see if I could find some info, and found your blog. I know the sequel is new, but I really would like to know if there is a whatever a third book in a series is called, the third book, going to come out. Do you know yet?