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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The House of the Future

Today, at last, I will tell you a story. A story about a house. A house . . . of the Future!

Last month Shardas and Velika took a little trip with us to visit some friends. Our friends are nice, and they are normal . . . Okay, that's kind of a lie. None of our friends are really normal, and in this particular household, the Mr. is a Professor of Zombiology, and the Mrs. reviews sci fi tv shows for a website called Pink Ray Gun (sci fi for girls)!

But they are nice people, and they live in a nice house. A VERY nice house. It was built in 1961, with every amenity that the family of 1961 could possibly want. Like a purple toilet. A stove that slides out of the counter like a drawer. A master bathroom that turns into One. Giant. Shower. And planter boxes. In the house.

Shardas and Velika were very impressed. Living as they do in a cave in the middle of a jungle, they liked the planter boxes a great deal.

But they were a little baffled by the "sink room." Velika supposed that you would call it a "quarter bath", since a "half bath" had a toilet and sink, and this just has . . . a sink.

Then there was the kitchen! Velika loved that everything was blue, and Shardas liked the blender motor built into the counter top. He's hoping that the Professor can find a blender that fits into it before our next visit, so that he can have a goat-and-peaches smoothie. It did make Velika a little nervous when Shardas climbed onto the pull out stove to inspect a boiling pot. . . She wisely kept her distance.

But they both agreed that the side by side ovens, with glass doors, were great.

The master bathroom was their favorite part. Fully tiled, with excellent echoes, it had a luxurious sunken tub in the Japanese style, and no shower curtain is necessary as the entire room becomes a nice, steamy shower.

They also admired the built-in scale. . .

and the conveniently placed planter box in the "commode closet." Perfect for dragons! (Velika has asked that I not show the picture of them using the planter box, er, commode room. For the sake of their dignity.)

Yes, the Queen and King of the Dragons were most pleased with their visit to the House of the Future, and hope to return soon!


Anonymous said...

What a cool, crazy house! I wonder what people of the future will think of our houses.

Katie said...

This is so funny. I love to hear about the Dragon's travels and I hope there are more to come.

jaclyn weist said...

That is one amazing house!! They should have a show on HGTV just for that house. Glad they enjoyed their time. Just finished that series and loved it!

Julie said...

So funny! I love it! I have to admit sometimes I would love a stove that I could put away. Then I wouldn't have to see it and think, "I should cook dinner".

SandyKay said...

I am endlessly fascinated by this house. Can I get an invitation next time I'm in town, because I really want to check out that kitchen. And the rest of it. Thanks for the tour, Shardas and Velika!

Shanda said...

That house is great- cooler than anything I was imagining when you were telling me about it. I really like the ovens, and the master bath is just awesome. I've been looking forward to seeing this post!

#1weirdo said...

Very nice! I love the dragons! :)

Mary Gray said...

I love the 1/4 bath. When my husband and I were looking at houses we found one that only a shower. The sink was in a in its own room around the corner. And the hallway that the sink was in was about half the width of a normal hallway. The entire floor was painted neon orange. I felt like paying laser tag.

Your friends sound cute!