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Sunday, September 7, 2008

School days, school days!

It's funny how living in Utah has changed my perspective of "fall."  I'm getting that giddy, "It's fall, how lovely!" feel: the air is crisp, the days are shorter . . . and then realizing that it's still 80 degrees.  That's the thing about Utah: it's so unbeLIEVably hot all summer that you will suddenly think 80 degrees is jacket weather.  I actually dressed Boy in a long-sleeved shirt today, because it was "only" 72 degrees when I took him to preschool.  (Also, it was a red rugby shirt, and today was Red Day at his school.)

Yes!  Boy is in preschool!  He's excited, and so am I!  He is the world's most social child.  Every day of his life he wants to know where we can go and who we can play with.  Boys, girls, adults, everywhere we go he'll talk to anyone, play with anyone.  Having a mom who doesn't like to leave the house is very trying for him, as you can guess.  And, for those of you worried that I'm sitting at home crying because my baby is all grown up and gone to preschool . . . No, I'm sorry, but I really like having the time to myself! 

I mean, really, really like having time to myself.

I'm the horrible mom at the preschool orientation going, It's only TWO days a week?  Can't he come every day?

Again: he's social, I'm not.

Also, for almost four years now I have been trying to write books while Disney movies play in the background, or without typing too loudly, because my little light sleeper might wake up from his nap courtesy of the clicking keyboard.  To be able to lounge across the couch with my laptop, playing whatever music I want for two and a half hours is a luxury I could never have imagined.


Now I just have to keep my short attention span in check, and not just sit there surfing the internet, checking out Maureen Johnson's blog posts, shopping online, watching movie trailers. . . .  Oh, dear! 


This is not helped by the fact that, literally minutes ago, the UPS man brought me a present.  My editor just sent me Rapunzel's Revenge and the third Alfred Kropp book.


You may not read Rapunzel's Revenge until you finish the book YOU'RE writing!

(All right, Conscience, fine!)

(Just peeking at the first page. . . .)



And before you all ask, since I know you're dying of suspense, I am just getting to the climatic finale of a sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball.  HOORAY!

And if you're wondering about Maureen Johnson, she's the FABULOUS author of Suite Scarlett, Devilish, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes, among other books, and I love both her books and her blog.  Visit Maureen at:

By the way, we're thinking of ways to make the website more exciting.  Juicier info on each book, more pictures, etc.  Let me know if there's anything you're particularly dying to see!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see more information on each book. More pictures would be nice, but are not terribly important to me.

Also, I know projects change, as do titles and what-not, but a section on works in progress would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love how Brandon Sanderson posts annotations on his site ( Basically, it's a chapter by chapter author commentary on the book. I think it would be cool if you do something similar.

Anonymous said...

When is the third dragon slippers coming out?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more information and the picture on the third dragon book. It'd be fabulous if we get to know more about the third book. I'm really dying for it to come out.