Jessica Day George

Monday, September 3, 2007

Monster Blood Tattoo

You heard me: Monster Blood Tattoo. I'm reading the most freaky-cool book ever: Foundling, Book One of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy by D. M. Cornish. So good. It's like Charles Dickens wrote a fantasy about a young boy traveling from the orphanage where he was raised to the new city where he will become an apprentice lamplighter. The catch? His world is highly populated with MONSTERS! And strange people who hunt monsters. And oceans filled with vinegar instead of water. And he's just discovered that his new job will be to light lamps along the highway, at night, in the monster-invested countryside so that other travelers don't get eaten. Does this sound great or does this sound great? I'm going to check out the author's website ( for info on the sequels, since I am nearing the end of this book. Although there is a hundred page long glossary at the end of the book, which looks interesting enough to read every word. Also there are maps and illustrations and all sorts of fun. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

i really love your personality Jessica! this is ... just a fan. :] from Middle Ga. and i wish that when HOPEFULLY my books are finished. [been workin on em for two years!] and im 13! that I will be as good natured as you!