Jessica Day George

Monday, August 28, 2006

Stupid alien!

So I'm knitting the Alien Illusion Scarf from the Stitch n'Bitch book. I decided to make it for my brother-in-law Ryan, who has a good sense of humor. (He was a large piece of toast for Halloween once.) I'm knitting along, and it's hard and you have to pay careful attention to the pattern, and I'm going well and almost have a complete alien head done (there will be six total on the scarf). And I look at it and think, shouldn't the alien be green? You see, this is scarf made with stripes of black and green, with a subtly knitted pattern that will look like alien heads from a certain angle. And mine are black, not green, for some reason. Odd. So I go to Debbie Stoller's website, she who edited the book, where I know there are pattern corrections listed. Alien Illusion Scarf: mistake, colors indicated on pattern are reversed. GAAAAAAAHHHHH! That's kind of a big mistake, you know? There are only two colors, and in no less than three places it lists them the wrong way! I'm so annoyed! I had to unravel the whole thing, cast on and start again, this time with the green first and then the black, thank you very much! And I'm already tense because we're watching "Prison Break" and Linc and Michael are trying to spring LJ and Oh, my gosh I think Linc's been shot!!!!!!!!

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