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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview with Janette Rallison

Today, gentle readers, we have a first: an interview with fellow YA author Janette Rallison! YAY! I've never interviewed anybody before, so this is very exciting for me, as is the reason for the interview: Janette's new book!

My Fair Godmother

My Fair Godmother is the story of two sisters, two hot guys, and a not-so-great-fairy godmother. Not to mention the glass slippers, dwarves, gowns, Black Knights, princes and princesses that seem to go along with godmothers! It all starts when the two sisters, Jane and Savannah, both fall for the same guy. When Jane gets the guy, Savannah's godmother steps in. She's not a full-fledged fairy godmother yet, and her grades have only been, y'know, fair (hence the title), but she's there to grant Savannah three wishes anyway. Unfortunately for Savannah, Chrissie the godmother isn't that great at listening, which leads to some hilarious misinterpretations of Savannah's wishes!

I won't reveal any more, but the book is a hilarious look at the reality behind life in the Middle Ages as well as several fairy tales. Plus I just love the combination of a very modern, appearance-obsessed girl and well, Ye Olden Stinky Tymes!

Let's get down to some interviewin'!

You normally write contemporary fiction. What made you take on fantasy?

To tell you the truth, the idea for My Fair Godmother came when I wrote a skit for my daughter's church youth group. The theme was Fractured Fairy Tales, so I wrote a short play about a girl who wanted a prince of a guy to take her to prom. Her "Fair" godmother (because her grades weren't, great, or good, but you know, fair) messed up her wishes and sent her to the Middle Ages to be Cinderella and then Snow White. This involved a lot of cleaning on her part, and not much fun.

I thought it was such a cute play (and my daughter did such a great job as a less-than-concerned fairy godmother) that I decided to write it into a book.

I loved how you evoked the look (and smell!) of the Middle Ages. Did you do any research?

I have a Middle Age romance plotted out (er, that means a romance that takes place in medieval times, not a romance about middle aged people). So I have a ton of books on the Middle Ages. I still haven't gotten around to writing that romance, but it made the research for this book really easy.

You did an amazing job of putting us in the head of first the studious sister, Jane, and then her more popularity-minded sibling, Savannah. Which were you in high school: the bookworm, or the more outgoing type?

I was a bizarre combination of the two of them. I prided myself on getting straight As, and it was actually painful if a teacher handed me a B on something. At the same time I loved drama, shopping, and all things girly. I wasn't at all organized or punctual, so I guess there is really more of Savannah in me.

If you were stuck in a fairy tale, which one would you want it to be?

Hmm. I'm trying to think of a fairy tale where the heroine isn't knee deep in housework, or being threatened by evil forces before a prince shows up to rescue her . . . Although I've always loved Cinderella, my dislike of chores is going to make me choose Sleeping Beauty, because, hey, all she had to do to get her prince was sleep. I can do sleep very well. I practice a lot.

Are you planning on writing any more fairy godmother adventures? I'd love to see what Chrissy's next assignment is!

Originally when I wrote the first draft, I had Chrissy accepted to Fairy Godmother University, but then I decided it would be much better to keep her out and give her another assignment. I'd love to write another book with her, but I don't have anything plotted out quite yet.

This is my favorite question to ask authors: What is your favorite book (you can have more than one)?

You mean beside mine? (I'm very partial to everything Janette Rallison has written.) I would have to say The Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice, and the Phantom Tollbooth. (I obviously have a thing for P titles.)

What are you reading right now?

Whitney award nominations. But Austinland is sitting on my nightstand waiting for me to get to it. It's that love of Pride and Prejudice (and Shannon Hale too.)

Valentine's Day is coming: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

I think it would be something along the lines of my husband whisking me off to Cancun to a resort that had lots of calorie free chocolate desserts.

Tell us about your next project!

I have another book coming out in March called Just One Wish. It's about a girl who drives to Hollywood to find and convince the hunky teen actor who plays Teen Robin Hood to visit her little brother before he goes in for brain surgery.

It's a romantic comedy, but has a more serious side to it than my other books because the heroine spends a lot of time thinking about the purpose of life and what happens after death. I think my fans are going to really like it.

Sounds amazing. I will defintely be reading that one as soon as it comes out! Thanks for being my first interviewee, Janette!


chan said...

I just checked this book out at the library today! I am excited to read it! Good job on your first interview!:)

myrna said...

Thanks. I haven't read this one, and it sounds like a fun read.

Melinda said...

I just finished reading this last night. I laughed out loud so many times, my family thought I was a bit addled. (taken from the book)

I recommended it!(the book, not becoming addlled.):-)