Jessica Day George

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Shaun of the Dead

What a great film! Gory and full of profanity, but a great film. "Scream" tried to be funny and scary at the same time, and in my humble opinion they failed miserably. But where they failed, Simon Pegg and his mates have succeeded admirably. I laughed, I jumped, I was seriously grossed out. Shaun and his best mate Ed, two losers who have been together so long that they're like an old married couple, are just wonderful. And I clapped my hands to see the fabulous Bill Nighy as Philip, Shaun's stepdad. The scene where Shaun and Ed are planning their rescue, first Mum, then kill the infected Philip, then rescue Liz, then back to their favorite pub to hole up, is hysterical. I also loved the fact that it was often hard to tell who was a zombie, and who was just a drunk British guy. Two thumbs up, five stars, and an A+ all around.