Jessica Day George

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's me, on TV!

So, I managed not to make any snorting noises, or have a "wardrobe malfunction" on tv the other night.  I actually really enjoyed it, and the guy had read Sun and Moon all the way through, so he asked some really good questions and was very complimentary.  You can watch the clip here if you go to "Books", then "Sun and Moon", and "Interviews."

I also had the big launch for Sun and Moon last night.  It was great fun, and I think there were about fifty people there.  Quite a turnout!  Thanks to everyone who came, and weren't those cookies to die for?  I'm gonna have to remember that place.  It's a little German bakery only a couple of miles from my house, and everything I've had there (I sampled a few other things when I ordered the cookies for the party) has been killer.

So it's out, it's official, Sun and Moon is released upon the world.  The first copies have been signed, readings have been read, Scandinavian wedding cookies have been consumed.


Cayenne said...

OOOH! Where's the bakery please?

Jessica said...

The bakery in question was Schmidt's Pastry House, it's on 65th S. and Redwood Rd, in a parking lot with Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Maribeth Kayla said...

WOOO! I loved your book. I wrote about it on my blog.

Maribeth Kayla said...

By the way, the recipes on your site...the links to them don't work! :(