Jessica Day George

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Princess Pippin's Pinwheel

So, I'm a knitter. Those of you who don't yet know this, may be shocked, or pleased, or not at all surprised. I also have a very small dog. You can see a picture of her on the site, under "Feniul's Dogs". My Pippin is indeed the model for the evil princess' lapdog. Pippin likes to sleep in cave-type of places, like under the bed or the couch or the desk. In years past she would sleep on an old bag of my husband's under the bed, but she has recently abandoned that and slunk deeper beyond the dust ruffle where my son cannot reach her. She dislikes having her sleep interrupted by a two year old, you see. In her sense of righteous indignation, she has abandoned the bag, and now lies on the (probably dusty) carpet. So I am endeavoring to make her a little bed, knitted and felted, based on designs invented for cats. Yep, my dog is small enough that cat beds are suitably sized for her. Also, she is catlike in her dainty independence, which makes this very fitting. Equally fitting? Parts of the bed will be knitted out of Patons' "Pooch" yarn, which looks like poodle fur. She is not a poodle, but she regularly terrorizes my mother-in-laws poodles, so I like to think this is what her trophy would look like if Pippin were a big game hunter. Now, the point of the blog is this: my third book will have knitting patterns of my own design incorporated into it, and I'm toying with the idea of posting some others here on the site, like the doggie bed, also a scarf I invented for my husband which he has never worn. Any interest? Anyone? Anyone care to know that I'm using this pointless blog to cover an anxiety attack I'm having since I just discovered that Carolyn Cushman reviewed Dragon Slippers for this month's Locus?


Megan said...

Good idea about the knitting patterns... not that I knit. But when I do someday learn how, I would like to read patterns in my favorite books!

Melinda said...

I don't knit, but the whole poodle trophy thing is a neat idea. And if it keeps your mind off of reviews, all the better.
Good luck!