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Monday, March 5, 2007

More hope for debut authors. . . .

I was recently talking about first time authors on this site, how my book club and others have been reading a lot of debut novels with a lot of problems. Then we all sit back and go, well, it was their FIRST book, as if that gives it an excuse to have glaring plot holes and other large flaws. Then I read Naomi Novik's sublime Temeraire series, her first three books, and pointed out that they are all flawless. And this week I read another debut novel, and again was wowed by the clever story and great writing. And I'm pleased to say that the other of this book is a fellow Utah writer. The author: Jeff Carney. The book: The Adventures of Michael MacInnes. Two thumbs way up! ps-Cannot locate copy of Locus magazine, have had to order from publisher. Argh.

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Cayenne said...

Amen and amen to the perfection of "Temeraire."