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Friday, January 14, 2011

Technical Difficulties- FIXED!

First off, my humblest apologies to anyone who has tried to email me through my website for the past, um, three months or more. Seriously. HUMBLEST APOLOGIES. We don't know how it happened, or why, but about three months ago when we updated the site (and by "we", I mean: my husband, but he's not solely to blame, and I'll explain why in a sec), something happened. Whatever that something was (I don't know, because I think email is delivered by fairies), it blocked any emails that came through the website. So if you sent me a nice message in that little "contact Jessica" message box thingie, I didn't get it. We don't know where it went, but it didn't come here, and it didn't notify you that it was blocked either. I am very, very sorry.

And this is why my husband isn't entirely to blame: I didn't notice. For three months. At least. One day I'm getting a steady stream of emails, the next day nothing. And it takes me months to say, to the person that I LIVE WITH, Hey, I'm not getting any emails from the site, could you take a look? It's not that I'm stupid (really, it's not!), it's not that I'm THAT busy (those of you who follow me on Twitter know I do have SOME free time), it's actually this:

I am an author, and we are insecure.

Yep. You guessed it. I have seriously thought that what was largely fan mail dried up overnight because I suddenly had no fans. Or people reading my books. I have seriously been thinking, Well, I had a good run. I got some cute emails from kids that loved my books, some rocking high fives from librarians and adult readers, it's time to go away now . . .

Yep. We're THAT insecure.

So my husband fixes the email thingy today, with the greatest of ease, because he is awesome (and sent a message through the site saying he was awesome, in case I didn't notice). And I've already gotten two other emails.

Which means two very nice things:

The email dealie on my website is working.

I don't suck!


Jaleh D said...

You certainly don't suck. You are a fabulous author, and I love your stories. Dragons, especially Shardas, rule! (And so do wonderful techie hubbies. I adore the one I have, too.)

Jennifer said...

Awww, I just had a 5th grader come in to our library and say she had read ALL your dragon books and loved them and wants more like those! More dragon books please!

Amber Argyle said...

Okay, now I'm trying to remember if I tried to contact you through your website or facebook???

I'll send you another email.

Jennifer: have you read Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. I loved it.

alli said...

Haha, I like the princess stories best, just goes to show everyone has different tastes in books. :)
(BTW I think you should even MORE fairytale renditions, Mrs. George) :)

Barefoot Pixie said...

You definitely don't suck. The only problem with this post is that it tells me that even after I (finally) get published I'm still going to be wondering if people like my stuff? sigh. It never ends!