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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions!

Remember that weird fad for a while, about not making New Years resolutions? Apparently, we are all doomed to fail, gain more weight, lose our jobs, and be generally miserable if we do. I don't buy this. A new year just FEELS good, and seems like a great time to start afresh. The orgy of eating that is Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas is over, so why NOT try to lose a little weight? My husband has a fresh slate of vacation days, so why not plan a trip? Let's face it, we're all assessing what we've done in 2010, and thinking about what we're going to do in 2011, so why not go ahead and do some resolvin'?

I'll go first!

In 2011, I am going to:

Get up earlier!

-I've fallen into the very bad habit of staying up late reading, and then sleeping in as long as the kids will let me. Which means that by the time I stagger out of bed, get everybody fed and dressed, it's almost time for lunch! Eeek! So I'm going to go to bed on time, and get up with the Hubster at (double eek) 6:30 and get going!

Lose weight!

-I've fallen into yet another very bad habit: snacking with the kids. Having a toddler and a weedlike six-year-old means an endless supply of goldfish crackers and such things lying about. I'm eating waaaay too many of them myself!

Read more books!

-In 2010 I only read 141 books! What's up with that?! I have an ever-growing pile of books to read, and books that I want to reread! Maybe if I spent less time noodling around on the internet . . .?

Write more books!

-Or at the very least: get more writing time! Having the two aforementioned kids running amok all day has really cut down on my writing time. I need to get the kids on a better schedule (see aforementioned wake up early resolution) and try to get some more time to work! (Possibly this will involved throwing the children at my husband when he gets home one or two nights a week. Must discuss with him.)

Go on more dates!

-The hubby and I need to have some more date nights! Especially if I am planning on turning the kids over to him one or twice a week so that I can write!

Learn to cook!

-Okay, technically I do know how to cook. And I'm not bad, either. I've even taken some of those Wilton cake decorating courses, and I collect character shaped cake pans. But I have a tendency to not plan meals well, and end up making the same two or three easy (and not very healthy) things every week. (See earlier resolution about losing weight, too!) I've got some great cookbooks (and for Christmas I got the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and Chocolate Never Faileth, both of which are awesome!), and I just need to do some planning, shopping, and make a little time to actually cook some good meals. (And the occasional great dessert.)

There! How does that look? I think it's a fine list of fully achievable goals for this year!

And how about you all? What would you like to see happen in 2011?


Catherine Denton said...

Those are fabulous resolutions! You're scoffing at reading 104 books? Hmm... *blushes*

My main goal is to give myself margin to do the things I really want to do, like play with kids, smear paint, write from the heart and read delicious books.

Jaleh D said...

I love your resolutions. My first one is going to be to write up a list of resolutions. Hehe.

I completely understand the child rearing aspect. My son hasn't made me gain weight, but I haven't lost it as quickly as I wanted either. Healthier and more variety to the meals for me, too. I admire how much reading and writing you've accomplished already. I'm about par for the reading, but you are waaaay ahead of me on writing. I haven't managed to finish any first drafts yet, let alone revisions and sending out anything to the sharks.

However, I'm very excited to say I got Dragon Spear for Christmas from my wonderful sis-in-law who read my book wish list. I'll be diving into it soon, just as soon as I pick up Dragon Flight. (oops, hadn't read the second one yet)

Meredith said...

Wow, your resolutions are both totally attainable and super ambitious! That's amazing. I know for a fact that I would totally fail at the getting up earlier one, but good luck!

My resolutions this year are:
1. Read all of my church lessons the week before, so I know what we're talking about in Sunday School.
2. Start cooking real food at least twice a week (I eat a disturbing amount of sandwiches and frozen foods)
3. Sew more. I bought a bunch of patterns in 2010, and I should try to do something with them!

Tawnni Jensen said...

Great resolutions! Good luck, I wish you the best! My resolution... get publlished. Look out publishers, here I come!!!

Bigsis19 said...

I like the one about writing more! My sister and I (with an eight year gap between us) love your books! For me, they are the best YA books that I have found in awhile. . . well written and crafted. The plot lines are stupendous :D and I love that I can pass them to my sister (or she can pass them to me. . .) without a second thought :D

Thank you for writing books that I can talk about, laugh and share with my sister :D