Jessica Day George

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Potpourri - n. (French) 1. A bowl of dried stuff that smells good for several years before becoming so dusty that it starts to smell like a mummy.
2. A random mixture of informational tidbits.

I swear: this is exactly how the dictionary defined "potpourri!"

Anyway, we're going with definition number 2, as I need to post a random bunch of stuff that I'm sure you will all find edifying.

First up: I finished the rough draft of my SUPER SECRET ROMANIA PROJECT! Alas, it is very rough at this time, and so I do not know when it will see the light of day! (And, by the way: I jokingly called the book My Grandmother Is A Bat! on Twitter a month or so ago, which apparently caused someone to a)think I was serious and Tweet/blog about it and b) keep asking me, essentially, if my vampires "sparkled" or were "the icky kind." THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES. A monk at Snagov Monastery made me promise, and I'm sticking to that promise!)

Second: I have seen some cover sketches for my next book: TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE, and they are AWESOME! I'm in love with this cover art, and so exited to get something more final that I can show you all! TUESDAYS will be out September 2011!

Third: I have launched a new website/blog with my friend Amy Finnegan called Bookshop Talk. It's a place where she and I and any of YOU can post reviews of their favorite books. Check it out: If you want to post a review, send it via the site to Amy. (Please no reviews of, um, erotica or reviews that look like this: tHis izz my fave cuz the Guy is soooooooooooo hottt!)

Fourth: Monday, October 18th I will be on THE TELEVISION promoting my upcoming events with fellow redheaded Bloomsbury author, Julie Berry! You can see me on Mountain Views with Ori Hoffer, Park City TV, at 6 pm, or watch it online at .

Fifth: Julie and I will be at the King's English Bookshop on the 20th at 7 pm, and at The Purple Cow Bookstore on the 21st at 6:30. We're working out a little song and dance for y'all, so please come see us! There's addresses and such here on the site under News- Events.

And Sixth: my To Be Read pile by the bed is overflowing yet again. Which makes me both happy and exasperated. You can follow me on Twitter: @JessDayGeorge or on, to find out what I'm reading and what I've read. 'Cause if you're a bookworm like me, you're always wondering what people are reading. I have seriously leaped over furniture to try and see what a total stranger is reading. It's embarrassing, but nobody's perfect.

(Seriously: stop judging me!)

And come and see me and Julie Berry this week!


Lily said...

Omg sound interesting (good luck on tv!)

Jaleh D said...

Fantastic news! I hope the tv appearance went well, and that your other events this week turn out great.

c'est moi said...

My Potpourri of comment: first, just this week I heard a grown-up-who-should-know-better pronounce this: pot - pour -ie. I was amused. Second, November 2011 is too long for me to wait, so when do I (your favorite person) get to read Tuesdays? Third, the t.v. appearance was awesome. Fourth, which there are no sparkling vampires, I hope you use the word "shiny" several times in your Romania novel, just because it's a sexy reminder of Captain Mal and gang. Fifth, I owe you some reviews for bookshop talk. Sorry. Sixth, I am going insane and so enjoyed your blog thoroughly. Seventh, I was just looking at Neil Gaiman's blog and I love him but am creeped out by his girlfriend. That is all. Love ya.

c'est moi said...

p.s. I meant "while there are"

Ctina said...

Hi! It was great getting to meet you at FAME today. I appreciated hearing your, and everyone else's, insight as an author. Sorry if I was too star struck, I tend to turn into one of my giddy middle school girls when star struck! :)

Erica said...

I think it would be the COOLEST thing ever if you did Princess and the Pea or Rapunzel! I LOVE your books!! Especially "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow" it's fantastic!!