Jessica Day George

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Houston, we are go for launch!

Greetings! I am She Who Wakes At Dawn To Piddle, or "Pippin" as my servants call me. I have condescended to blog today, because She Who Writes Books is very busy. She has ignored me on several occasions of late, but I have been generous, and merely sighed at her, and did not chew her sparkly shoes, though they smell delightfully of feet.

She Who Writes Books is busy because she has not only the two puppies, The Loud One and The Unsteady One, but also a new book. It is called Princess of Glass, a title I find acceptable, although Pippin of Glass would have been better. Pip-- er, Princess of Glass will be celebrated at a number of events, which I will recount here. She Who Writes Books becomes nervous about these events, and moans that no one will come. This displeases me. All must attend.

But do not eat all the cookies. I wish to partake of the leftovers. (That's why it's called a doggie bag.) (This is not a joke. Humor is frowned upon among my people. When we ruled the Roman Empire, we did not laugh at the Celts. We destroyed them and then left white hairs on their cushions.)

She Who Writes Books will appear under her human name, Jessica Day George, at the following locations and times.

Saturday, June 12th, The King's English Bookshop (Salt Lake City), 2 pm.

Friday, June 18th, Barnes & Noble at Jordan Landing (West Jordan), 7 pm.

Saturday, June 19th, Dragons and Faerie Tales (Eagle Mountain), 5 pm.

Sunday, June 27th, ALA Spring Conference in Washington D.C.

Wednesday, June 30th, Barnes & Noble Sugar House, 5 pm.

There will be readings! And talkings! Questions answered, upcoming projects revealed! Book giveaways! Treats! Sparkly shoes! And other such things as humans enjoy!

All must attend, or there will be chewing of shoes, and much displeasure!


Jaleh D said...

I hope you get lots of visitors. I don't have any sparkly shoes to get me to any of the events, but I can hope others will.

(snickers while muttering "doggie bag" and "we destroyed them and let white hairs on their cushions.")

What? Oh nothing. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is She Who Must Be Obeyed from Hatrack. I'd love to come this Saturday, but right now I am where you will be in a couple of weeks.

So I'll have to see you in a week (or maybe when you get back).

Have lots of fun and stuff. I'm reading Pip--er--Princes of Glass and loving it.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Princess of Glass (I was sure I put another s in there!)

Taffy said...

LOVED Princess of Glass! I'll write a review next week. Your take on Cinderella was awesome and fun and unique and awesome (did I mention awesome?).

Angie said...

Wish you were coming a little further north!

Tawnni Jensen said...

Loved Princess of Glass! Can't wait to go to the signing! "She Who Wakes At Dawn To Piddle" would probably get along well with my dog "He Who Wakes She Who Writes So She Can Feed Him." Sadly, I'm not joking.

Ariadne said...

Any chance you'll be in Minnesota anytime soon?

Have a splendid tour:) My sister and I enjoyed PRINCESS OF GLASS tremendously. Thank you for another great read!

Lillian Angelovic said...

Pippin, please tell She Who Writes Books that the young lady who ended up with a page full of snowflakes inside her copy of "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow" at the King's English Bookstore has never been more pleased at the malfunction of a stamp. She didn't get a cookie, either, (her Dad made her leave right away) but she wasn't even the teensiest bit displeased and thoroughly enjoyed the event. No shoe chewing necessary! Hooray!

cfish77 said...

I hope Pippin will be a guest blogger again in the future. Haven't gotten to "Princess of Glass" yet, but I will!

Jessie Clark said...

Since She Who Writes Books will not be in Alaska, I will leave cookies behind for Pippin. Otherwiswe, I could make no promises! Princess of Glass was amazing! Will there be more Princess of ... books? I am hoping to hear more of the sister's stories now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your books sound wonderful, and they were recommended by a friend of mine... I hope to get one soon!!!

My dog, He Who Escapes His Kennel Daily (a.k.a. Houdini Dog), would love to meet your little Pippin, by the sound of it!!!

I hope you keep writing these books... and in the meantime, I will start reading them. The summaries were more than enough to get me reading!!!

LadySaotome said...

Hi, Just wanted to stop & comment saying I stumbled across Princess of Glass the other day and my sister & I ended up buying Sun & Moon, Dragon Slippers & Princess of the Midnight Ball (we have to start at the beginning of the series', right? lol). We both highly enjoyed Sun & Moon and are now working on the other two. But I just wanted to mention there's a couple spots on your site & blog where things get slightly given away to those of us who haven't finished reading the books yet - like under your "why I wrote it" for Princess of the Midnight Ball, and somewhere (I think it may have been the blog) where you mention that the original title of Dragon Slippers gave things away (I'm halfway through Dragon Slippers and have been wondering the entire book if I would have figured it out on my own if I hadn't spoiled it for myself accidently...)