Jessica Day George

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boy am I tired!

I've just spent the last four days in beautiful, exotic Provo! For those of you not in the know about Utah geography, Provo is only a 45 miles away. But I went and stayed in a hotel anyway, so that I could spend less time driving to and fro, and more time basking in the glory of the BYU Young Readers' Symposium! It was a thing of beauty: Susan Bartoletti, Linda Sue Park, Gennifer Choldenko, Brett Helquist, Jerry Pinkney, and ME! All talking about our books, and everyone else's! Lots of laughs, and I once again got to prove my theory that great authors are NICE!

And I had a whole long blog planned, but I am so tired that I can hardly stay awake, and the kids are cranky and off their schedules, and so is my husband. I'd better go!

But coming soon: How a mix CD saved my life!


Deborah said...

Most authors are super nice. Those who aren't miss out.

Lloyd said...

Glad you had a great time, sounds like a blast. Now if Brandon whazzizname had been there with a copy of the next Wheel of Time book that you could have stolen then it would have been truly memorable!

Will said...

Aww what a lovely blog, i found out about you on Bookarmy, have you seen it? It's full of forums and groups! have a look!