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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Interviews and Jessica Recommends. . . .

Yes, yes, I've been TERRIBLE about updating my blog!  Last week two interviews posted with me online, and I'm just now getting around to linking to them.


My short attention span seems even shorter these days.  I'm supposedly finishing the sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball, but didn't have more than two minutes to write last week and . . . .well, it's just a whole big thing.


The first interview was with Rachel Bishop over at  Pink Ray Gun is a sci fi site for ladies, and I love it dearly.  They review books, movies, and tv, rant about all things sci fi related, and have a pretty hilarious comic strip that updates weekly  They are also running a series of free jack-o-lantern patterns you can download, with characters from popular tv shows on them.  My interview has already been bumped to the Archives.  So go to, click on Archives on the top left, and you'll see that it posted on September 22nd.

The other interview is actually a podcast, so you can download me giggling and chatting with the lovely ladies of LDS Womens' Book Review.  We talked so much that it looks like they're doing the podcast in two episodes, and so far only Part 1 is available.  Go to, and click on Download Podcast.  It's the most recent episode, episode 26.

Which reminds me: Vote for the Whitneys!

I met the LDS Womens' Book Review ladies last spring at the Whitney Awards Ceremony.  The Whitney Awards, as some of you may remember, are a new award for fiction written by LDS (aka Mormon) authors.  Anyone can nominate a book, and then a panel of judges in each category (Novel of the Year, Childrens' Book, Sci Fi/Fantasy) choses the winner.  So go to to nominate your favorite book published this year by an LDS author.  (Hint, hint: I've had two books published this year!)  I'll "out" a few people while I'm at it: Shannon Hale, Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, Orson Scott Card, David Farland, J. Scott Savage, Stephenie Meyer.)

And in other awards news: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is one of YALSA's picks for Teen Reads Week, which is October 12-18, and Dragon Slippers has been nominated for a Beehive Award.  So if you live in the state of Utah, get yourself over to your local library and vote for Dragon Slippers!  (I'm assuming if you read my blog, you also like my books.)

And now time for Jessica Recommends:

Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher

The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecelia Galante

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

All these books were fan-freakin'-tastic, and I couldn't put them down!


Catherine Grant said...

I will so vote for Dragon Slippers

Miss Erin said...

oh, I loooved Patron Saint of Butterflies. AMAZING book.

Julie Wright said...

I read your blog, love your books and vote whenever I can for you. :)

Q said...

You were just mentioned on Robin McKinley's blog. Here's a link:
And scroll down to the comment by "Libby".

Lacy said...

I read your interview at pink ray gun. I love the comment about taking a candlestick to the wizards head.

p.s. I've read some of Patricia Wredes books to and I'mm looking for the book that comes after Dealing With Dragons-the ending was soo depresing- I mean realy her life just has no downhill from there does it?

Rosie said...


Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

It'll be released in December (I got an ARC) but I think you'll like it.

Thats all.