Jessica Day George

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So far today, I have posted two blogs that have disappeared into the ethosphere, never to be seen again.  One here, one on MySpace.  I'm becoming very annoyed.  VERY.

Here we go again:

This Saturday, for those of you who may not have heard, is the big launch party for Rapunzel's Revenge.  If you are not a Shannon Hale fan, and don't know, it is a graphic novel co-written by her and her husband Dean, and illustrated by our good friend Nathan Hale.  It is AMAZING, and to give it an equally amazing launch, there will be a big party at the Anderson Library in Salt Lake City.  There will be live music, and games, a panel and signings by not just all three Hales, but also yours truly, plus James Dashner, Sara Zarr, Kimberly Heuston, and Ann Cannon.

Not only that, but it is a Western-themed party, and so this is your one and probably only chance to see me WEAR COWBOY BOOTS!  That's right, I own cowboy boots!  I inherited them from my grandfather, and they are very cool.  I just, you know, don't really wear that type of thing.  But this is a special occasion, so I'm breakin' out the boots, people.  Bring cameras.

Check out the crazy scene Saturday, August 23rd, starting at 1 pm.  The Anderson Library in Salt Lake City, with books provided by The King's English!


anna may said...

i am so jelous of my cousins. they'll probably go. and get to meet you and the hales and all the other cool people!
why can't i live in utah! then i could meet authors. and not get up at 5:00 for seminary.
can't wait for the bookstore to start carring your latest books!

Shanna said...

Wish I could have been there! Hope you guys had TONS of fun!!