Jessica Day George

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sick, sick, sick, sick!

So very, very sick!

Congested, head going to explode, can't stop coughing, nose running.  So very, very sick!  And Boy is sick too, which means he wakes himself up coughing and wants to climb into bed with Mommy and Daddy, so no one is getting any sleep.  We just got Boy a "big boy" bed which looks like Lightning McQueen.  (Spoiled?  Or just really, really lucky?)  And due to his illness we can't keep him in it all night.  We were hoping it would improve his sleeping, but with him being sick, how can we tell?


Must. Finish. Rewriting. Princess Under Stone.

But sick!

So here's some fun stuff:

I'm reading H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, with illustrations by Edward Gorey.  Love it.

At you can test your vocabulary, and they donate a grain of rice to the UN's World Food Program for every correct answer.  I did it for about twenty minutes the other day, and donated six bowls.

At Shannon Hale's website ( she recently interviewed Jennifer L. Holm, author of the fabulous Penny From Heaven and the Babymouse graphic novels.

And, for those of you trying to figure out what the deal with Dragon Flight's release date, here's the scoop:  It does not have a "hard" release date, because I am neither J.K. Rowling nor Stephenie Meyer.  It will start shipping to bookstores sometime after April 10th, and they are free to put it out as soon as they receive it.  We put the release date as May, because I was originally told "May-ish", because it should be in all stores by May. will ship it on April 26th.



Q said...

Get well soon!

NC said...

Aww...I hope you feel better!

Celes said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you (and your family) are sick! That's no fun. Best of luck with your re-writing, and hopefully I can get my hands on Dragon Flight soon!

Denae said...

Sick. No fun.
Haha, a car bed. I've seen those. He'll probably sleep a lot better as soon as he's feeling better, definitely.
Mommy and Daddy's arms are always best, though.

myrna said...

Sorry you are sick and that your Boy is too. The cold and flu is evil this year.

I finally got to read "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow" this week. Good stuff. I read that you were a Scandinavian Studies major in your dedication(?). Did you get to take any classes from Royal Skousen?

Julie Wright said...

blech! I hate being sick! I am sending "well" vibes your way.

Megan said...

I hope you're feeling better!

Cayenne said...

I hope you are doing better. We are finally, but slowly, improving. What a horrible cold.

I can't say here! said...

I think you are better than J.K. Rowling or Sephanie Meyer! Besides,your writing is clean! Somehow I don't think my parents will drive me into the valley to meet you, but I'll try! Hope you get feeling better!