Jessica Day George

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's coming!!

Do not fear change! Change is good! If you do fear change, I hate to break it to you, but change is coming. My husband realized a couple of weeks ago that he has to take about 57 days off before the end of the year or his vacation pay will go to waste. (Yeah, you thought we took some fancy pants vacation back in the summer like normal people, didn't you? Nope.) He has nobly agreed to use this time to revamp, recycle, and renew my website. GASP! He's been telling me that some of the doohickeys and buttons and things are "so '90's", but I don't program so all I could do was nod politely. Well, it's apparently gotten bad enough that he's going to fix it. Different colors! Different menus! Different . . . other stuff! The fun thing is that I am writing all kinds of new and exciting text for it. There'll be a little feature for each book called Why I Wrote It, where I talk about what inspired each book. I might even reveal some of my inside jokes, like where I got certain character names. will also be updated, with recipes for some of the food mentioned in each book, a pronunciation guide, and information on the sequel(s). Fear not, for lo, this change shall thrill you!


Danyelle said...

That's wonderful! We look forward to being able to see it soon!

Tiff said...

I just read Dragon Slippers!!! It was so asome!!! I think you should write a sequal.It would be about Creel going in search of the Shardes and his Queen and about Creel andLukas Romance. Wouldn't that be so Cool!!!