Jessica Day George

Monday, August 27, 2007

Amazon likes me, they really, really like me!

I'm just giddy with joy, and guess why?, those fine online purveyors of entertainment, have picked DRAGON SLIPPERS as one of their Best Books of the Year So Far! Huzzah! Huzzah! It's in the category for Children's/YA books, right next to things like the darling NOT A BOX, and wonderful novels like THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET and THE ALCHEMYST! Isn't that the most fabulous thing you've ever heard? Let's all do a little dance! Also, Deseret Book (a Utah-based chain bookstore, for you outsiders) has picked up DRAGON SLIPPERS, which is a big deal for me, as a local author. (They are very choosy about what they carry, it has to be good, but also selling well before they'll commit.) Let's all have a bite of chocolate!


Melinda said...

Hooray! I am doing a happy dance to celebrate and I will dedicate my next piece of chocolate to you. I will also resist the urge to say "I told you so." (I knew all along that your book was great.) So there you go! Watch out world! Here comes Jessica -the latest-up-and-coming author to keep your eye on.

Megan said...

Let's do the Dance of Joy!!! That is so exciting!!! I go into my local Barnes and Noble (the only good bookstore in our area) and check to see where they have your book. I think it's great because they always have the cover facing out instead of the spine! I do a little fist pump for you every time!

Megan said...

My very own, tiny library has Dragon Slippers! I'm so excited!

Marilyn said...

My copy is coming. I will promptly read it to my captive audience of seventh graders! Rock on, Jessica!!! How do I get you to autograph my copy??