Jessica Day George

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Copyediting? Done.

I just mailed off the copyedited manuscript for Sun and Moon. Whew! That means someone (the copyeditor) went over the manuscript with a little blue pencil, and corrected any grammar or spelling mistakes, and checked for continuity. What's continuity? Continuity is when I say that her skirt was blue on one page, and two pages later, I say its green. Or someone breaks their sword, and yet they are fully armed in the next chapter. That sort of thing. The manuscript was in pretty good shape (hooray!), although I did rewrite one page, because it just didn't hang together right. Now I have a nice break before I have to give the Dragon Slippers sequel a good scrubbing. By the way, the title of that book has changed from Dragon Helm to Dragon Flight, due to the question of "What the heck is a helm, anyway?" (Answer: it's a fancy fantasy way of saying helmet. Or the steering wheel of a pirate ship, although there are no ships in this book.) And how am I celebrating this break? Why, by taking out an old manuscript from many years ago, and giving it a thorough going over with the help of my agent, of course! There is no rest for the wicked!


Angela Yee said...

My kids (and husband) and I just finished reading Dragon Slippers (it's the last thing we do every night before they go to bed). We absolutely love it! Is Sun and Moon the sequel?

Jessica said...

When does Dragon Flight come out?