Jessica Day George

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Done and done. . . .

Break out the expensive chocolate! I am done at last! Yes, this afternoon I finished my edit of Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. I cracked open the Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles I'd been saving, and let them melt in my mouth. Not all of them, just maybe half. I sent the manuscript to my editor, and let's all keep our fingers crossed that no more major work needs doing. There comes a point when you can no longer read a book, even a book as fabulous as Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. Round about the fifth read-through, your eyes start to glaze over, and no amount of highly caffeinated cola, Twizzlers, or dancing around the room to regain focus will work. So I read through it for a sixth time, and emailed it off. Then I put on my fancy dragon slippers, and headed on over to The King's English, where I discussed good ol' Dragon Slippers with a circle of lovely ladies at TKE's summer book club. Lots of fun, because I absolutely love to talk about books. I just hope that my answers to the little Q&A weren't too annoying. You see, Dragon Slippers sprang fully formed into my head, so when asked why did you make Creel such a strong character, or what are the rules of the magic in Feravel, I can't really answer. It just is. Creel is who she is, Feravel and its magic are just that way. And then came Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. . . . My husband claims that I was just as stressed during the editing of Dragon Slippers, but I don't believe him. Of course, chocolate heals all pains.


Jenese said...

I bought Dragon Slippers to read to my 9 year old daughter and 8 year old son during the summer. The are terific reader. However, the reading aloud before bedtime ...and lunchtime has become a tradition in our house since they were wee. Well, I ran out of my "adult " books to read, so I picked up Dragon Slippers withthe intention of reading a page or 2. Suffice to say, I read the whole book in one day.
I loved strong-minded Creel and Luka, as well as the dry humor of the
dragons. My daughter is now reading the book. Please tell me, that the characters are pushing for a sequel.
One more comment, the Sun and Moon rewrite, sounds similar to a book, my daughter read first and then lent to me called East. I look forward to reading your version. Thank you for sharing your imagination on paper. My kids and I will impatiently be awaiting new books by you.

AshleysaysYOUROCK! said...

I am 11 years old and I LOVE dragons and other fantasy so Dragon Slippers was perfect for me.I would love to be Creel.I mean everything; her sewing ability, her friendship with dragons, her courage and her relationship with the PRINCE of Fereval!She is my rolemodel!I was wondering if you wrote a sequel and if you haven't yet do you think you could?PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write back AND write a sequel if you haven't.

Martha and Maggie Houska said...

My daughter, Maggie is 10 and she had to get a shot at the doctor so I rewarded her braveness with a book. She chose your book! She read it in a day and 1/2 and loved it. So I then picked it up and read it! I loved it! Is there going to be a sequel; you left us hanging so I am excited to hear when your next book will be coming out!!