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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Losing a Limb

Children, we are going to discuss a very sad topic today. That's right, it's books where major characters lose a limb/eye. My sister has very strong feelings to this effect. Whole series of books are ruined for her if someone loses a finger. Eyepatches gross her out. I usually laugh: so some guy in a fantasy book lost a hand? Big whoop. It's fiction, it doesn't bother me! Well, I'm reading book eleven of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. And I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. They're huge, they have tons of characters, they're fabulous. But today in my reading, someone lost a hand. A major character. Lost a hand. And I lost it. I almost started crying. My favorite character, who has suffered plenty, lost a hand. I'm horrified, appalled, and so angry! Why, why, why? Why, Robert Jordan?! You've already hinted since book one that there's plenty of death and mayhem in store in the final book, why must people be maimed as well? This is worse than that guy in the Deryni books. Worse than Sun Wolf in Barbara Hambly's books. So much worse. And the worst part is: I can't tell anyone who the character is, because I don't know anyone who has read this far in the series yet! Dang!

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Dawnalee said...

You can tell Lloyd S, your neighbor...he's read all of the current volumes. He borrowed 11 from us after we'd read it. So, now you know there is another fan and right near you!

The hand losing also bothered me for the same reasons, why does it have to be even more difficult for him than it already is?

My sis Lauriann just shared your site info with us. Looking forward to perusing it and your works. :o)