Jessica Day George

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Grown up YA?

I'm halfway through Ben Jeapes' "The New World Order", and all along I've been thinking that there's something a bit odd about this book. I finally put my finger on it: although it is ostensibly a YA book, the main characters are all adults. And not just twenty-somethings, but 35-40-somethings. There is one young viewpoint character, he's twelve and not all that engaging, the other youth is a snotty prince . . . not at all a sympathetic character. Perhaps that will change, but it was a startling realization, to be reading a book I had thought was for teens, and to find myself in the midst of a group of 40 year olds, and one twelve year old boy. The premise of the book is amazing, though, and I love the adult characters, so I'm not at all bothered by the lack of teens. I'll blog again when I finish, to give you my overall thoughts. A great book, though, very interesting. It has aliens in it, and Oliver Cromwell. (If you don't know who he is, shame on you! He started the British Civil War! Yep, they had one too!)

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