Jessica Day George

Monday, October 23, 2006

Roll your Rrrrr's!

My 'R' is broken! Isn't that terrible? The 'R' on my laptop keyboard has become very hard to type. You have to press down, very firmly, to make it work. It's quite annoying, because I like to type fast, and I will look back and see that I've typed something like: "Ose woked vey had." Instead of "Rose worked very hard." So frustrating. You don't realize how many words have 'R' in them until you have trouble typing them! Look at how many words just in this blog have R's! It reminds me "Ella Minnow Pea", the superb book by Mark Dunn about an island where letters of the alphabet are outlawed one by one as they fall off the statue of the town's founder. I recommend that book most highly, it's an epistolary novel (a series of letters), and the characters have to stop using the forbidden letters until by the end of the book, they are hardly able to communicate at all. A wonderful book!

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Robin Jordan said...

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