Jessica Day George

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rant of the Day

Let's have another rant of the day, kiddies! And this time, I'd like to let off some steam about vampire and werewolf novels. In the wake of Laurell K. Hamilton's success, the world has been flooded with 'alternate present' books where vampires and werewolves are recognized minorities and blah blah blah. Which is all fine and good. But I'd like to address the stereotyping of these characters. Why, oh, why are the vampires always suave, well-dressed types? They own nightclubs, and are sort of mafia-like. In every book! Meanwhile, the werewolves are thugs. Less intelligent, less groomed, and usually riding motorcycles. It was cute the first time. But now it's getting out of hand. Can't we please see something different? Must all the vampires wear silk shirts? Even the ones who weren't born during the 1700's? Seriously, what are the odds that a man who used to be a viking now likes frilly silk shirts? Slim to none, in my opinion. And just because a guy's a werewolf, does he have to ride a Harley, and have unkempt hair? No, he does not. And speaking of stereotypes: just once I'd like to read a fantasy book where the dwarves DIDN'T live in caves and make really neat armor and jewelry, and the elves lived in the forest and were archers. How 'bout some cave-dwelling elves, or some dwarves crouched up in the trees, shooting crossbows?

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